What Kind of Logs Are Maintained By Mobile Surveillance Apps?

The primary function of mobile surveillance apps is to help you keep track of the activities that are taking place on the target phone. In order to do so, the apps will maintain a log. In fact, quite a few logs can be maintained by these apps. Knowing about those logs will help you understand how you can benefit from the use of these apps. Here are some of them.

Call Logs

As the name suggests, this feature logs all the calls that have taken place on the phone. This includes not only the calls that have been placed but also those that have been received and missed. A mobile spy app may also allow you to record the calls.

SMS Logs

Like the calls, SMS logs will maintain a record of every text message that has been sent or received. You will be able to view all of these messages at your convenience along with all relevant details. This will be possible even if the user deletes the messages in the target phone.

URL Logs

This feature of the mobile spy software keeps a track of the websites that have been visited on the device. You can also find out how long the user remained on each of those sites. As such, it will be quite beneficial for you when you want to track the internet activities of the user. The logs will be maintained even if the histories are cleared. The URLs will also be tracked even if the incognito mode was being used.

GPS Logs

With this feature, you will be able to track all the locations that have been visited by the user with the device.

There are several features offered by a mobilespy.net app. keep those features in mind when you are planning to buy a particular app.

Author: sushant

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