Pokémon Go Teams- Team Mystic and Valor

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If you are a frequent Pokémon Go player and reached a higher level wherein you are asked to select your team, then this article will help you know about team mystic and team Valor. Some players reach a high level through Pokémon go cheats and in urge of becoming a Pokémon master, sometimes they land up getting banned from the game for a lifetime.

While team Instinct goes with gut-feelings and trust, Mystic goes with intellect, calmness and wisdom. The bird that belongs to this team is Articuno, the amazing creature with strong ability to manage the cold. This aspect helps the group to maintain a cool temper rather than showing aggression.

Team Mystic is a much popular group in the community of Pokémon Go. The colour of this team is blue, the leader is Blanche and the mascot is Articuno.

Team Valor

The team Valor is driven by the powerful idea that power plays an important role and is the essential element in the world of Pokémon Go. The members of this team get motivated by strength and passion, which is exactly the opposite of team Mystic that believes in tranquillity.

If your mission in the game is to be the best, and believe that the Pokémon you have are more powerful than even humans, Valor is the right team for you. The team has gained an online reputation for being the most competitive and fiercest team of the three.

The colour of the team is red, the leader of the team is Candela and the mascot is Moltres. Based on the guidelines given for each team, you can decide, which team you want to select to move in the game.

Each team has its own set of beliefs; you can select the one that suits your goals in the game.

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